Things To Know About The Pay-Per-View System:

When you first log on to purchase a video or "Live" event you are asked to supply a User ID and password.

If you have ever purchased an Accu-Stats Pay-View item before - then you are a "Returning User" - there is no need to set up a new username just for this event.

Please write down or otherwise remember this User ID and password. This is how the system recognizes you as a customer.

The video system places a small "cookie" on your computer to identify you by that User ID and password.

Because of this you must have "cookies" enabled on your internet browser. (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.).

If you have used a different User ID previously the system may not recognize you after you make your purchase.

After the PayPal information is completed and accepted you should click the "Continue" button and you should be taken to a Thank You screen which will give you the link to click to take you to the video.

If you are having problems with your Pay-Per-View selection please try the following:

Good news - best to use Chrome as the browser.

The new player from AVW is resizable - you can just drag the player to move it and make it larger or smaller

Also - after the player opens - put the mouse in the middle of the player screen - right click
the click on settings - make sure the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" is UNCHECKED.

The New Player and Firefox:

Firefox and Flash do NOT work well togeether.

Because of that, customers using Firefox will have the Pay-Per-View revert to the old player format.

Supported Browsers for the flashplayer:


Internet Explorer - IE 11

Flash (but with old player)

Make sure that you have Adobe Player installed on your computer. If you have checked out the commercial then you should know how your computer system will interact with our video system.

On your internet browser please open the Tools - then Internet Options.

At the Internet Options menu please click the "Delete cookies" button. This will effectively "erase" the User ID that you had previously used with our system.

After that is done go back to the Pay-Per-View page on the Accu-Stats website and locate the item you purchased. When you click on that link a new Log In page should appear.

In the "Existing Customer" section please log in again with the correct User ID and password.

Once you have done this you should be taken to the correct "Thank You" screen with the link to the media.

If you are unsure of the User ID that you have used that our video system recognizes you by, please e-mail or call us and we will provide you with the correct User ID.

Whenever possible use a WIRED rather than a wireless connection to the internet. Video often doesn't take well to wireless connections.
It causes buffering and breakups.


Send mail with questions about your User ID.