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Live Pay-Per-View Chatroom FAQ's


Accu-Stats Pay-Per-View (PPV) shows are streamed in Adobe Flash Media format designed to play on the Flash Player provided by It does include a viewer/chat option.

Because of the rise in popularity of interactive viewer participation in streaming shows we have decided to offer this optional chatroom for use by our customers to enhance their viewing experience.

Q. Why not have a combination viewer/chat like Ustream, Livestream, or Justin TV?

 A. We have tried that combination in the past and were not happy with the system offered by our provider. The view screen was too small to comfortably watch a pool match.

Q. Do I have to use the chatroom?

A. No - not at all. Many of our customers DO NOT want a chatroom because they find that all the discussions distracting from the event. That is why we have.made the chatroom optional.

Q. What do I do first?

A. This chatroom is Java Based and requires an updated version of Java be present on your computer - So first thing to do is click on the "Do I Have Java: hyperlink. This will bring you to the Java website where your system is automatically checked for the correct Java version.

If you have it, the screen will announce its Congratulations and if not, then you may download a Free Version of Java right from that screen.

Q. Then what do I do?

A. Then just click on the Accu-Stats PPV Chat hyperlink and the chatroom login screen will open. If you are already a registered user you then may log in with your username and password and chat.

If you have not registered please take a few moments to fill out the registration form and verification. Once you are verified then you may login and chat.

You only have to register this initial time.

Handy Hints:

We have found that the best procedure to follow is to open the chatroom first, then access the PPV content. Once both your Flash Media Player and chatroom are open - minmize all the other open webpages. This will leave just the Flash Player and chatroom on your desktop.

Then you can move the player around, tile it over the chatroom or even hide the chatroom completely.

The chatroom is also a great place to ask for help on technical or viewing issues.





Send mail with questions about the chatroom.




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Thank you and enjoy!!